Sandalwood Luxury Wax Melts - 2.5 Oz. Clamshell


The rich, woody notes of sandalwood are blended with the softest hint of musk mallow flower in this classic and elegant favorite. Grounding and soothing, Sandalwood will calm the body and clear the mind. This is the true scent of Zen.


Pumpkin Latte Wax Melts

Our Pumpkin Latte Luxury Candle and Wax Melts welcome the warm, sweet scent of fall into your home with the delicious scent of autumn’s favorite beverage. An aromatic blend of creamy pumpkin and espresso, blended with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel create this sinfully delicious autumn aroma. Pull on your favorite sweater, light one of our natural, non-toxic pumpkin latte candles or warm some wax melts to instantly transform your space into a delectable cornucopia of fall coziness. 

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, candelilla wax, natural plant based fragrance oil (containing coconut oil, essential oil and natural flavors for fragrances)

  • Each melt will last 12 to 20 hours
  • Made with sustainable, eco-friendly, plant based materials
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Non GMO
  • Petroleum free
  • Non-toxic and clean burning
  • Hand poured with love and care
  • Luxurious and beautiful

The Ultimate Wax Melt Experience:

  • Place one or two Natural Zen wax melts in your warmer, based on bowl size
  • Do not leave unattended
  • Ensure a full melt pool for maximum scent
  • Do not carry warmer with hot wax in it, allow wax to cool before transporting
  • Once wax is out of scent, allow to cool and then turn warmer back on for 2 minutes allowing the bottom to warm. The wax will easily slide out now. Wipe bowl clean. Please place the used wax in your compost bin. Empty clamshells go in your recycling bin.
  • Store in a cool, dry place covered to protect from dust
  • Breathe deeply and enjoy, knowing your burning the cleanest wax melts on the market