Imagine this. No more headaches from household scented products. No allergic reactions. No worries about toxins affecting your health. Have 100% confidence that these natural scented, handmade candles and products are safe for you and your family.

At Natural Zen, we hand make our products from naturally scented, non-GMO ingredients that are free of chemicals. Because we make our own wax, and our natural home scents are directly cold pressed from essential oil fragrances and raw botanical sources, our non toxic candles add ambience without harming your health or the environment. We make our natural wax melts, natural laundry detergent and other products in the same way.

Visit our shop and explore what we’ve created for you. We offer the best non toxic candles in Canada.


We started making these products when we realized that more and more people were avoiding scented products because of allergies, asthma, or headaches. Millions of people living in urban environments have respiratory or other reactions to chemically based scents. Our co-founder Brett was one of those people. We looked into making naturally scented products for the home that wouldn’t cause or trigger health issues.

We also discovered that many products on the market from other candle companies which claim to be “non-toxic” actually do contain substances and chemicals which are toxic. For example, waxes often contain petroleum, or other additives, including dyes and chemically based fragrances that are not required to be listed on the ingredients.

We knew there was a way to make products that were truly all natural.

What Our Customers Say


From the beginning, we were determined to use the highest quality, natural ingredients that were plant-based. So, we ruled out beeswax, and also soy wax, even though it is plant-based. Most soy wax contains paraffin. Burning a soy candle that contains paraffin releases carcinogens and toxins which are in the paraffin. Instead, we chose Candelilla wax which comes from the leaves of a bush that grows in Mexico. We blend it with organic coconut oil to make the best clean burning natural candles.

The natural scents we add to our handcrafted wax are from essential oils derived from raw botanical sources. Our natural fragrance oils and candle scents are subtle, not over-powering. We want to allow the essential oils to work their gentle plant magic in creating a relaxing Zen atmosphere in your home.

No synthetics, additives, chemicals, dyes, gmo's or petroleum.
Just pure natural ingredients sourced sustainably from Nature.