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Natural Zen Home Fragrance Studio

Frankincense & Rose Natural Deodorant

Frankincense & Rose Natural Deodorant

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”Love this natural deodorant! It glides on like a dream, lasts ALL DAY and smells amazing! "
~ Michelle H.


Frankincense improves skin elasticity, reduces acne and it is a disinfectant. Known for its ability to reduce the appearance of spots, wrinkles and scars, we have paired it with Bulgarian Rose for its skin healing and anti-microbial properties. This scent combination is a beautiful thing that opens the heart center and uplifts your mood. Finally, a natural deodorant that works and smells heavenly.

Our unique Candelilla and Coconut Deodorant is made with only four skin nourishing ingredients that protect you from odor causing bacteria while healing and softening your skin.

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