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Natural Zen Home Fragrance Studio

Lavender Rosemary Luxury Scented Jar Candle

Lavender Rosemary Luxury Scented Jar Candle

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Lavender is well known for promoting relaxation and calm. Natural Zen lavender candles are handcrafted in Calgary with candelilla and coconut oil for a natural, clean burning candle.


Scented with essential oils and flower essences, our lavender candle is aromatic and soothing. You senses will be enchanted by it’s fresh, beautifully balanced blend of lavender and rosemary, interwoven with subtle notes of coriander and eucalyptus.


Calming and relaxing, this luxurious lavender candle is reminiscent of a day at the spa. It is a beautiful, natural aroma makes it the perfect candle to have in any room of your home.


This is both our customers, and our favorite candle scent for stress relief and nighttime relaxation. Perfect for your bedroom, a bubble bath - or anywhere you want calm and cozy vibes.


Indulge in a moment of Zen and let the magic of our lavender rosemary candle relax you - you deserve it! 


Free from chemicals, additives, dyes and GMO’s.


Scented with essential oils and true flower essences that are vegan and contain no allergens.

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