How to breathe easier in a mask with mask spray from Natural Zen

How To Breathe Easier in a Mask


Now that a face mask has become a necessary part of our daily wardrobe, we wanted to share some tips with you on how to breathe easier in a mask. We have solutions for the top reasons you may feel uncomfortable breathing in a face mask.  

Learn how to solve those mask wearing challenges, and how you can become comfortable while breathing in a mask with these 4 tips. 


How to Breathe Easier in a Mask 

How to breathe easier in a mask
  1. Ensure a proper mask fit  
  2. Breathe properly in a mask  
  3. Take proper care of your mask 
  4. Prevent odors and bacteria build up 



Ensure a Proper Mask Fit  


Issue:  Your mask is so tight it is uncomfortable or digging in to your ears, is rubbing uncomfortably on your face or is so loose it doesn't create a seal. 


Solution: If you have to tighten your mask to the point of discomfort to create a seal, you are wearing the wrong size or kind of mask for you. Also if your face mask is not creating a seal, you are not wearing the right mask for you.

We suggest using a fabric mask with ties that tie in a bow and do not rest on the ears, they are easier to adjust and breathe in. This style of mask will not dig in and can be easily adjusted to create the proper seal. If your mask is rubbing uncomfortably on your skin, a 3D mask frame can help resolve this issue. 


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Breathing Properly in a Mask 


Issue: Wearing a face mask can cause you to breathe differently. Wearing a mask can unconsciously lead you to take short, shallow breathes. This can make you feel uncomfortable and light headed. It also can cause a headache. 


Solution:  When you put your face mask on, breathe in through the nose with a deep breath, and then out through the mouth. Do this three times, its regulates and relaxes your nervous system. Repeat anytime you start to feel uncomfortable, it acts as a calming reset. 

You can insert a 3D mask frame that fits inside your face mask and holds it off of your nose and mouth while still creating a seal for easier breathing. This can help you a lot with mask comfort. 

Take Proper Care of Your Mask


Issue: Your mask is dirty, you don’t know what to do with it 


Solution:  Wash your mask daily. Do not put on a dirty mask. Change your mask if it gets wet/soaked or if you are wearing it longer than 4 hours. Refresh your mask with a mask refresher spray while wearing for longer periods. Carry extra masks.  

Ensure you remove your mask using the ties or ear bands and do not touch the front of the mas to avoid contaminating your hands. Wash in hot, soapy water with natural laundry detergent and dry. Carry a small reusable bag with you to put your soiled mask in if you have to change it while out. 


Mask Odor and Bacteria Build Up 


Issue: Your mask smells, your breath smells while wearing a mask or you have been wearing your mask for many hours  


Solution: Refresh your face mask with an aromatherapy Mask Refresher spray such as this one from Natural Zen. Spray onto your mask, allow it to air dry for 30 seconds (so the alcohol dries after killing surface bacteria) and then put your mask back on.  


The essential oils will remain on your mask and will freshen your breath, uplift your senses, improve your breathing and mental focus - and keep your mask refreshed and smelling amazing. You may even come to enjoy breathing with a mask on due to the aromatherapy benefits of the mask spray.


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Hopefully these 4 simple tips help you and your family learn how to breathe easier in a mask. 


Do you have any tips to help others wear a mask more comfortably? If you do, please let us know in the comments below so we can all benefit. 

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