Aromatherapy and emotions on the luscious living podcast

Emotions, Aromatherapy & How You Can Make Your Home Non-Toxic with Brett and Selin

Brett joins Selin Bilgin on the Luscious Living podcast to discuss the power of aromatherapy and scent on our emotions and the importance of making our homes non-toxic. 

You are going to LOVE this episode! It's all about Emotions, Aromatherapy & How You Can Make Your Home Non-Toxic. I interview Brett, from Natural Zen. Brett and Carmel, a wonderful husband and wife duo who from a personal experience and desire to regain health, founded this company based on nature's wisdom and truly non-toxic living.

In this episode, we dive into how to make your home a healing sanctuary, how to unlock the power of scent + upgrade your emotions, the powerful products that Natural Zen has made, and the ways that WE as consumers and business owners can drive positive change.


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Enjoy - and remember to shop local! xoxo

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