Votive Candle Gift Box


Our 3 pack of 1.5 oz. handpoured Candelilla and Coconut votive candles make a lovely and enchanting gift. Customize your gift with your choice of scents.

All of our natural candle scents are derived from plants and our wax is expertly crafted with candelilla shrubs and organic coconut oil. With an organic ring spun cotton wick, our candles are clean burning, non-toxic, vegan and eco-friendly. Each votive jar will give you an average of 10 hours of clean burning candle enjoyment.

The charming gift of candles promotes self-care and relaxation, and who doesn’t need that this year!

Reasons our candles make the perfect gift:

  • They transform your space into a sanctuary
  • Natural mood enhancing scents
  • Not overpowering like synthetic fragranced candles
  • Clean burning
  • Vegan friendly
  • Eco-friendly and GMO free
  • Non-toxic and sustainably sourced
  • No chemicals, additives or synthetics