Sweet Magnolia Luxury Scented Jar Candle


Meet our decadent Magnolia candle. Hints of sparkling champagne, freshly picked fruit and delicate floral entwine for a scent reminiscent of sweet, luxurious things. Magnificent and comforting, this beautiful scent conjures images of lush lawns with beautiful trees dressed in white magnolia flowers that add magic to warm spring days.

Magnolia’s gentle, relaxing aroma makes it incredibly popular in aromatherapy for relieving feelings of stress or anxiousness. Magnolia is considered to be an ancient genus, and it adorned the gardens of the ancient Incas.

You will love our hand poured Magnolia candle. The magnificent scent of Magnolias will subtly enchant and delight your senses, gently weaving the smell of Spring into your home. Natural Zen candles are handcrafted in Calgary with candelilla and coconut oil for a natural, clean burning candle.  

Scented with essential oils and flower essences, our Magnolia candle is the perfect candle to bring spring indoors and to indulge in a moment of Zen. Let the magic of our Magnolia  candle relax you - you deserve it!   

Free from chemicals, additives, dyes and GMO’s.

Scented with essential oils and true flower essences that are vegan and contain no allergens.