Sweet Dreams Luxury Gift Box


Our Sweet Dreams luxury gift box is the perfect gift! Relax your senses, calm your mind and promote deep and restful sleep with this lavender gift gift box. This gift set promotes self-care and stress relief with a touch of luxury and indulgence for the senses.

Included in our Sweet Dreams Luxury Gift Box are:

  • 1 Sweet Dreams Room & Linen Spray
    • Our most popular spray, Sweet Dreams relaxes your senses and calms your mind
    • A harmonious blend of lavender softened with gentle notes of vanilla
    • Promotes deep and restful sleep
    • Perfect on your pillow and sheets at bedtime or anytime you need to relax
  • 1 Lavender Rosemary Candelilla and Coconut Candle Jar - 10 oz
    • A fresh, beautifully balanced blend of lavender and rosemary, interwoven with subtle notes of coriander and eucalyptus
    • This candle will create an ambiance of sanctuary, relaxing the mind and body
    • Up to 60 hours of clean burn time
    • No chemicals, additives, synthetics or toxins
  • 1 Bottle of Lavender Essential Oil 25 ml
    • Our high quality Lavender essential oil promotes calm and improved sleep
    • Reduces anxiety and mental stress
    • Relieves headache and migraine symptoms

All of our plant based ingredients are sustainably sourced and free of toxins, chemicals, dyes, additives and GMO’s. This luxurious Sweet Dreams Gift Box makes the perfect gift. The gift of Zen, relaxation and self care.