Room & Linen Spray Gift Box

$26.95 $29.85

Give them the gift of Zen and relaxation with our Room and Linen spray gift set. Naturally crafted using only Nature’s finest ingredients, our Room & Linen Sprays are a non-toxic replacement for air fresheners and linen mists. Not only do they eliminate odor, they uplift and relax you. Just shake, spray and zen to turn any space into an instant mood lifting sanctuary, or try our Sweet Dreams nighttime spray for sleep enhancement. These beautiful, natural scents are the perfect gift.

Included in this gift set are two 5 oz. bottles of Room & Linen Spray.

Customize this gift box with your choice of 2 sprays:

Need a morning pick me up? Our Sunshiny Day will instantly uplift your mood and energy with lemon, bergamot, key lime and rosemary. ☀️ 

Want to relax and get a good sleep? Our Sweet Dreams Spray will relax your mind and senses with lavender and vanilla.. 🌜

Looking for some Zen? Our Zen Garden Spray will calm feelings of anxiousness and stress with the exotic scent of jasmine and tart pear. 🌸

Miss the beach? Our Tropical Breeze Spray will instantly envelope you with tropical, summery vibes with the nostalgic scent of coconut and key lime. 🌴

Trying to balance and ground yourself? Our Yoga Retreat Spray will create an instant feeling of sweet calm and sanctuary with its sandalwood, lavender and muskmallow. 💕

Missing Nature? Our Forest Mist spray will uplift and invigorate you like a walk in the forest with beautiful notes of pine and a hint of wintergreen. 🌲

Our Room & Linen Sprays contain no additives, synthetics, chemicals. Just the pure power of Nature in every spritz. Shake. Spray. Zen.