Lily Of The Valley Luxury Scented Jar Candle


Our Lily of the Valley candle has an airy,  green floral scent that is sweet and almost spicy. With a delicate hint of lemon, it is hard to imagine a more spring like scent than that of Lily of the Valley. In northern climates, the scent of Lily of the Valley is a harbinger of Spring, appearing when the winter snows finally begin to melt.  The lovely feminine aroma of the small white flowers has been cherished throughout history. 


Our hand poured Lily of the Valley candle is not overpowering. The light airy scent of Lily of the Valley will subtly enchant and delight your senses, weaving the smell of Spring into your home. Natural Zen candles are handcrafted in Calgary with candelilla and coconut oil for a natural, clean burning candle. 


Scented with essential oils and flower essences, our Lily of the Valley candle is the perfect candle to bring spring indoors and uplift the vibe of your entire house. This is our favorite candle scent in the early spring to help uplift and energize the atmosphere and to celebrate the end of winter. Perfect for your kitchen, living room, office - or anywhere you want uplifting spring vibes.


In Christian legend, Lily of the Valley is colloquially known as our Lady’s tears in reference to Mary’s tears at the crucifixion of her son Jesus. Her tears are said to have produced Lily of the Valley flowers as they fell upon the earth at the foot of the Cross.


Indulge in a moment of Zen and let the magic of our Lily of the Valley  candle relax you - you deserve it!  

Free from chemicals, additives, dyes and GMO’s.


Scented with essential oils and true flower essences that are vegan and contain no allergens.