Aromatherapy Mask Refresher Spray Gift Box

$26.95 $29.85

Give them the gift of easy breathing - even in a mask. Our Aromatherapy Face Mask Refresher Spray instantly deodorizes and refreshes your face mask while enhancing breathing and improving your mood using pure essential oils. This is a game changer for mask wearing and makes a unique and valuable gift. Say goodbye to hot, smelly masks!

Included in this gift set are three 2 oz. bottles of Mask Spray:

Calm & Relax Mask Spray - Lavender and Bergamot combine into the ideal spray to refresh and deodorize while relieving feelings of anxiety and stress

Breathe & Refresh Mask Spray - Peppermint and Sweet Orange combine into a spray that refreshes and deodorizes while opening the sinuses, easing your breathing and relieving symptoms of headache and tension

Uplift & Energize - Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange and Lemongrass not only refresh and deodorize your face mask, they uplift your mood and improve your mental focus.

Use a face mask to your advantage with the therapeutic power of essential oils.

Ingredients: alcohol, H2O, lemon essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, pink grapefruit essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, vegetable glycerin

To Use: Shake and spray 1-2 times on the inside of your face mask. Allow a up to a minute for the alcohol to dry and put on your mask. Breathe deeply, enjoying the aromatherapeutic and refreshing benefits of the essential oils. Reapply when no scent remains and your mask needs refreshing. Follow proper mask handling and cleaning instructions.